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Every now and again I get a comment here expressing interest in the continuation of this story. Some think that a concern over it damaging my credibility for my financial writings blocks the way.

While it is true that some who wish to discredit my financial ideas have used this blog as a club, that doesn’t concern me much. My financial ideas are perfectly capable of standing on their own merits.

Actually the two main reasons I haven’t continued are:

  1. Time. I’ve just had too many other things to do. But this may lighten up next year.
  2. There really hasn’t been all that much interest expressed.

I do realize I’ve done little to promote this site or raise awareness of this site. But it does get a steady, if small, flow of views. Yet very few subscribe and even fewer bother to post comments. So it seems there really isn’t much of an audience.

But the bigger issue is trying to wrap my head around how to present what at a very basic level is beyond our ability to understand. That is, I need to figure out how to cope with the technology and trying to answer people’s questions and challenges surrounding it.

I’ve had it explained to me this way:

The gap between human intelligence and that of chimpanzees is very narrow. And yet the chimp’s ability to understand our world is impossibly small.

For instance, you can take a chimp to a skyscraper and he will recognize it as a very large object and he’ll be able to move about it easily. He’d be able to show his chimp friends around and, after a while, they would confidently believe they understood this whole skyscraper thing.

But the truth would be far different. Skyscrapers exist on important levels simply beyond the comprehension of chimpanzees.

Our chimp has no way of understanding that skyscrapers are built by humans, let alone how that is done and/or how the  various building systems operate. The basic fundamentals of a skyscraper are simply forever beyond his intellectual abilities. And one chimp trying to explain it to another would be laughable.

Now imagine an intelligence and technological gap much, much greater.

We humans tend to assume that if we encounter advanced civilizations, and if they are willing to explain stuff to us, we’ll have the capacity to understand.

But I’ve come to see that’s not the case. So in any telling of this story the information I could convey will be hopelessly inadequate.

But maybe, just maybe, like a chimp in a skyscraper I can serve as a tour guide of sorts. But don’t expect me to be able to explain how the elevators work. Or even to know such an explanation exists.

I can’t promise anything at this point. But if you are interested in the continuation of this, please subscribe. That way I’ll know there is an audience and you’ll know if I start posting.



A bit of Q&A

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The last time I posted on this blog was December 2011, over 2.5 years ago. But I haven’t forgotten it.

It doesn’t have much readership, but those who are here seem to be keenly interested. Periodically I get emails and comments here (I prefer and am more likely to see the comments left here. Sent as email they tend to get lost in the deluge) asking if and when I’ll resume the tale. Elsewhere on the the blog I’ve explained my reservations. There is not much posted here so, if you care, I’ll leave it to you to find them.

In short, I simply haven’t the time. But it is also function of concern as to whether I want to be attached to this tale that will mostly generate disbelief, anger and mockery. Already, it seems many think it is a story best left untold….

But like some of you, I remain intrigued. Once my schedule opens up a bit I just might take it up again.

Meanwhile, I have shared it with some of my personal friends. Malachi is one of those and, after many years, I ran into him again during my recent visit to New Mexico. An interesting bit of serendipity in that he lives in Berlin these days. In part not just because we got to catch up and I got to meet his lovely Italian fiancé and now wife Iris, but because he told me that this story has been a topic of conversation among his circle of friends in Germany. And they had questions.

We agreed he would pull those questions together in an email and that I would do my best to provide answers. Below is my reply, with their questions embedded:
Hi Malachi,
I’m thrilled that this story has captured your interest enough that you’d share it. That’s a big reason I put it up on a blog — to gage interest and if it is worth my time and the risk to more fully present it.
At this point it will require a lot of work:
  • Sorting thru the notes
  • Putting it all in some coherent order
  • Resolving the many inconsistencies in the way the story has come to me. It is one thing to receive it as a listener. It is something else entirely to understand it well enough to relate to others.
The main issue for me at the moment is I simply have too much else on my plate just now to give this the effort and time it deserves. Maybe once I get the financial book done. Meanwhile, please feel free to spread it around to your friends. The more sincere interest there is, the more interested I am in continuing.
Meanwhile, let me try to briefly answer your group’s questions:
  • Why did UC impart the information he did first, rather than starting in a story-like way (i.e., one day I was in a field, then I beamed into a ship, and I realized that something strange was going on…)? It’s an odd way to tell the tale. Maybe he’s just not used to telling it?

This is mostly my fault in my clumsy start. Remember too, this is stuff I heard in conversation. It was not laid out in a carefully scripted fashion. That, should I choose to accept it, will be my job. And it is a daunting task.

  • What was everyday life aboard the ship? What exactly was he supposed to do?

The answer to this would take a (the?) book! It really is the story to be told.

  • If he knew that most people wouldn’t believe him, why did he want you to publish it at all? More importantly, why does he want to tell this story? Just to get it off his chest? Then why publish?

I don’t think he much cares. I think it was more a teasing taunt to me:  Here’s this story. Do with as you see fit.

  • How does UC feel about the experience? Is he resentful to be locked up for 500+ years? Is he honored to have been chosen? What’s his opinion on all this? As it stands it’s strangely devoid of a human connection.

Certainly not resentful. It was a great experience and provided a perspective unlike any other. Certainly far broader. And for reasons to be explained, provided him with literally perfect health.

  • Why, if these Overseers spent millions of years building incredibly sophisticated ships with billions of years of advanced technology, do they recruit folks at random to use it? Why not use someone more qualified? Why use someone at all, if there are only 3 pretty similar options for repelling attacks? Why not just automate the whole thing and be done with it?

We will likely never know the full depth of their thoughts and reasons. But UC was told they felt it important that at least each self-aware species from the protected planets provide some input and participation in their own protection.

  • What did he eat?!?!? (Iris’ very pressing Italian concern)

Great question and the answer is broader than you might think. Food, and everything else on board, is assembled as needed from the supply of available atoms. These atoms are then recovered and reused as needed. For instance, within the ship you can configure the interior as your mood dictates: Sleekly modern one day, Victorian English library the next. Coming up with a fine Italian meal, wine included, (or any other meal) is no problem. Indeed, life on board sounds very sweet to me!

  • Do you, Jim, personally think that this could be some form of mental illness? Not to be harsh, of course, but it struck us that if one of your big struggles is deciding whether or not it’s true, have you also addressed this possibility?

Could be, but I don’t think so. This is certainly not an issue in my deciding.

Hope this helps!


Why the silence

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In the midst of a lively conversation over here:

Mr. Money Mustache called me out for neglecting this site:

MMM December 24, 2011 at 6:03 pm #

Yeah, yeah.. minutiae of dividend and tax planning. But if any other readers have taken the time to click on J.L. Collins’ name, they surely have a much bigger question – what is happening with Uranium C? You got back from the proof-finding trip in August, and the future of Humankind’s understanding of the universe’s most advanced alien race hangs in the balance, yet you just got lazy and decided not to update us!?!? 🙂

Point well taken.  My response:

jlcollinsnh December 26, 2011 at 7:18 am #

“Hi Mr. MM….

1st, thanks for a very interesting site. Nicely done and an important topic. Just listening to NPR on the way back from the airport and yet another segment on people pushed to the financial edge by the recent economy.

how people can go thru life without putting aside a cushion for the hard times, which always come, leaves me stunned.

Regarding UraniumC, I knew I should have take that down. 🙂
Truth is, being lazy is the least of it. This subject is so beyond my comfort zone, so outside my worldview, as to have left me a bit dazed. My notes from the trip sit on the shelf mocking me.

These last few months have been spent trying to digest it all, and wondering what to do with it. If anything. Candidly it is so “out there” (pun at least a bit intended) it is hard for me to accept, let alone begin to offer to others. If I’m honest I’m not sure I want my name associated with something so unbelievable, facts be damned.

Since your comment on it, I have noticed a spike in traffic there from Mustachians and those who subscribed last spring occasionally ping me asking what’s happening.

One thing I know: Humankind is hardly waiting for this and we really aren’t meant to know. No matter what I write, it will be rejected out of hand. That would likely be for the best anyway…”


If you remain interested, please take a moment to subscribe.  I do hope to post more on this and with your subscription you’ll know as soon as it happens.  Meanwhile, I’m processing it all….

thanks for your patience.

On to Ecuador

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Entry #4

June 30, 2011

On to Ecuador

By UraniumC as told to JC

If you have been reading closely you will have noticed that my wife and I have been planning for over a year to travel to Zanzibar this summer.  Those plans have changed.  We are going to Ecuador instead.  We leave on July 3rd.  I will be meeting UraniumC face-to-face for the first time since 1972, 40 years ago.  We were both young men back then.  As described here, he had already lived a tough life.  I never expected him to make it to 30.  He’ll be around 66 by now.


Quito, Ecuador

On another forum my pal Rmak posted the following regarding UraniumC:

“I would respectfully ask him what I asked you. How did he verify? If there is no proof then it falls into the belief, memory, dream, faith category, I’m afraid. All less than reliable if you are making a claim. I would think that a reliable witness to these events would want to seek out something to at least prove to him or her self that they’re not going insane.

I know that a lot of these contact stories were “discovered” through regressive “therapy” (sorry for all the quotation marks, but I’m not a believer. I think most of it’s crap) You guys probably remember in the 80’s when these regression therapies made a bunch of children believe their caretakers were raping them in wild ritualistic ceremonies. The children had “forgotten” or “repressed” every detail until it was suggested to them by the unethical therapists. It was really akin to the Salem witch trials. When the stories got more and more bizarre and un-provable the charges and this pseudo scientific method dried up quickly.”

My reply at the time was:

“your question is a good one, but it will be delicate to pose. think I’ll wait a while longer before I press for evidence. I’m more interested in hearing more and don’t want to push him away.”

But after some thought it makes more sense to explore Rmak’s questions of verification sooner rather than later.  If this is only a dream or delusion, why bother.  If asking the question were to push UC away that itself, it seems to me, would be a good indication the story is no more than a tall tale.  So I asked.

UC laughed and assured me he had the most convincing proof I could ask for but that I would have to come visit him to see it.  Pictures, he said, would be too fantastic and I would only assume were doctored.

We went back and forth but he refused to tell me more.  Come visit, he said, if nothing else you’ll see a beautiful part of the world.  He lives now in the high Andes Mountains outside of Quito in Ecuador.  It’s a long way from south Alabama.

So, change of plans and we are off to Quito.  We return hopefully sometime in August and with luck I’ll have more to share with you all then.

If you are interested I suggest you take a moment to subscribe.  It’s free and I don’t sell your name or anything.  Next time I post here you’ll get an email alert.  Wish me luck.

Looks like Zanzibar will have to wait.

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Entry #3

June 26, 2011

About the Overseers

By UraniumC as told to JC

 (JC note: in posing the questions covered in the last post I had some of my own.  I am keenly interested in knowing more about the aliens and about the ship and its technology.  UC and I have been discussing these topics and below is what I’ve gleaned about the aliens themselves.  He calls them The Overseers.  In future posts I’ll share the info learned on the ship itself.  Again, this is my taking his written comments and editing them for clarity.)

JC:  Can you describe what these aliens look like?

UC:  No.  Please understand that by the time I was swept up to the ship their race had been extinct, at least on our material plane of existence for almost 1/2 a billion years.  They left no record of their appearance.

JC:  What about the interior configuration of the ship?  Shape of seats, controls and the like.  Surely these offered clues?

UC:  No.  The interior of the ship has no set configuration.  It is configured to the needs and whims of the occupant.  During my tenure I would commonly change it myself every few hours.  (JC Note:  this set off lengthy questions regarding the technology of the ship.  I’m pulling this together and will provide it in a future post.)

JC:  Did you learn anything at all about them?

UC:  (Note:  The following is UC’s answer to this and several related questions I asked.)

What they called themselves is wholly untranslatable to any over our languages.  I settled on thinking of them as the Overseers as that is the role they played across the Milky Way. 

They were the first species to achieve intelligence in our galaxy.  They defined this as the moment they achieved interstellar space flight.  As such, of course, humans are not yet considered an intelligent species amongst the galactic civilizations.

Using our time scale, they achieved this 1,685,743,112 years ago.  They spread to every corner of the galaxy by 1,683,569,954 years ago.  That’s almost 2.2 million years.  It is a very big place.

By that point they had identified every life bearing planet and the stage of life on each.  For those with multi-celled life they set up permanent observation posts. 

It wasn’t until 503,058,147 years ago that the next intelligent race in the Milky Way emerged.  Think about that for a moment.  The Overseers were the only intelligent race in the galaxy for almost 1.2 billion years.  They were observing every world with multi-celled life for over 1.18 billion years before the first interstellar flight by another race.  The gap is almost unimaginable.

It was also around this time that the first intergalactic invasion fleet arrived.  The technology gap was so great that the Overseers easily repelled them as they would each subsequent attack.  During my time as the human representative aboard Earth’s Guardian Ship I came to see this gap as that between a modern army and unarmed villagers.  Only far greater.

There are well over 1.1 trillion galaxies in the universe. (JC Note:  this is significantly higher than the current human estimates)  As these began to develop races with intergalactic travel abilities, the number of invaders increased as well.  This was no problem so long as the Overseers remained in this material realm.

However, with their decision to morph beyond it, protecting the Milky Way and its life became an issue to resolve.  No other race in our galaxy was even close to be able to repel the increasingly sophisticated invaders.  The Overseers were unwilling to bestow upon any other race the full extent of their technology.  It was simply far too advanced (over a billion years worth) to be transferable or even useable.  It would be like giving chipmunks fighter jets.  The only thing worse than them simply crashing them all would be if they somehow managed to fly them.

The solution was the fleet of self-renewing Guardian Ships.  One assigned to each world with multi-cellular life and each bearing a single representative from the world it protected.  There are exactly 1,115,589 such planets and so an equal number a ships.  A vast undertaking.  Once this fleet was constructed the Overseers gave it a test run of 3.6 million years.

Once satisfied as to its effectiveness and reliability, 497,125,365 years ago the Overseers morphed to another plane of existence leaving behind the material universe we know.  They remain the only species to have done so thus far.  If you are curious (JC: I was) there are 41,277 intelligent (interstellar capable) species in the Milky Way.  Humans aren’t in this group yet.  Looks like it will be awhile.

Four interesting facts that came from these conversations:

1)     Life is extremely common in the universe.  But it is almost all single celled creatures.  The jump to multi-celled life is surprisingly (at least to me) rare. 

2)    The universe is precisely, again using our understanding of time, 14,259,158,996 years old.

3)    The ‘Big Bang’ is indeed the origin of the universe, but our human understanding of the event is woefully misguided.

4)    The Overseers developed the technology to see beyond the Big Bang into what was before.  This information, however, is forbidden.  The thinking is only when a race has advanced enough to discover it on their own can they deal with the implications.

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Entry #2: Questions

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Entry #2

June 22, 2011


By UraniumC as told to JC

 (JC note: as part of the process of preparing Entry #1 some questions were raised.  Here they are with UC’s answers.  I’m still not sure how far I’m willing  to take this, but I’m interested in hearing more myself.  Plus, I owe him.)

 Question:  So are these battles with the invading aliens the strange lights people report seeing in the skies?

 UraniumC: Those “battles” take place far from earth in the void between galaxies, The GS (guardian ships) intercept invaders long before they get close. So the ships have never been seen from earth.

Even if they had, those of us on the surface would only have seen the invasion fleets. Every GS is permanently ‘cloaked’ and completely undetectable.

As another point of interest, they are also unarmed. At least in the conventional sense. However they have “transporters’ for lack of a better term. Their word for this has no equivalent in any of our languages.

Oh, and those ‘UFOs?’ Hoaxes almost every one. Earth is routinely visited by the friendly beings from around our own Milky Way. But this is only permitted to those able to develop the technology to insure their observations go undetected. Mistakes in this are exceedingly rare.

Question:  If they are unarmed how do they stop the invaders?  How are these battles fought?  Do the GS always win?

 UraniumC: Yes, always.  The technology this original race built into the GS fleet is several orders of magnitude beyond anything else yet seen. That’s why I put ‘battles’ in quotes. This is nothing like the science fiction of books and movies. Nothing that dramatic.

Most often, the invaders were completely unaware of the GS at all.

In each case, there were basically three options:

1. The invading force could simply be destroyed. Most often this was accomplished by simply transporting the hulls of their ships a fraction of a millimeter out from the frames. The void of space did the rest.
2. The ships could be stranded in the void between the galaxies. Unharmed but unable to move at faster than sub light speeds. All this took was isolating a small but critical and irreplaceable part of their drive systems and transporting it out. Most frequently this was so subtlety done as to prevent them from ever even diagnosing the problem.
3. The last option is much the same as #2 but in this case leaving them enough propulsive power to return to their home worlds. This is the most common choice.

The role of the guest representative is to decide which of these options to use. For me, it was the hardest of all duties.

Question:  Since these beings are so much more advanced than we are, why don’t they help us with all our problems here on Earth?  How could they care enough to protect us from invaders and yet not care enough to help here?  Global peace, for instance. 

UraniumC:  Helping us out here on our own planet is strictly forbidden. Each world is protected from the hostile outside universe but has the obligation and privilege to guide its own destiny.

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Entry #1

My time aboard the alien ship

By UraniumC as told to JC

(JC note:  the task of editing and preparing this material from UC’s original has proven more difficult than I imagined.  His writing is so crude and unclear that it has taken multiple revisions for me just to accurately convey what he means to say.  He has, finally, approved the entry below)

Some years ago I was transported on to an alien ship.  It was over 1/2 a billion years old and built by the first and so far most sophisticated intelligent race in our galaxy.

 They had long since occupied the entire Milky Way galaxy and governed all its civilizations quietly behind the scenes.  Including ours.

 They insured that only peaceful worlds made the transition to interstellar travel.  Those that did pledged not to interfere with those still bound to their home planets.

 This race had long since passed on beyond the physical realm, but they left behind their amazing self-renewing ships.  These guarded the Milky Way from the many fierce and warlike species seeking to expand beyond their own galaxies.

 Earth, like each inhabited planet, has its own intergalactic guardian ship.  These ships were tasked with detecting, intercepting and disabling the invading fleets.

 An unshakeable rule is that each of these guardian ships is required to take on board a single individual from the planet they were charged to protect.

 In so far as I can tell, the selection of this individual is random.  At least I was never able to tell why I was chosen.

 My tour of duty, so to speak, was 524 years, 8 months, 17 days, 2 hours, 43 minutes, 54 seconds and on down to unfathomablely smaller units of time.  While a very odd number to me, it corresponded to a logically round number for them.

 Time being an entirely different thing in the depths of space; to my earth bound existence I was gone less than the blink of an eye.  Yet I retain all the memories of those journeys.  At least as well as anyone can be expect to recall the memories of 500 + years.