Shortly after launching http://jlcollinsnh.wordpress.com/ I was contacted by an old friend from my days taking down diseased elm trees over 30 years ago.  He has begun to share with me a rather fantastic story.  One I’ve only recently come to believe.  I think.  Namely that he has spent over 524 years aboard a deserted alien ship as the human representative.  This ship was/is tasked with the responsibility of protecting Earth from intergalactic invaders.  I know.  It took me a long time to digest this as well.

He wishes to remain anonymous and has asked to be called UraniumC, UC for short.  I’m not sure what, if any significance this name has.

UC was a country boy from south Alabama and about 24 years old when I first met him.  His education ended before he reached the 8th grade.  At the time, I don’t believe he could read or write, at least not in more than the most basic sense.

He was lean and tough and a good guy to have your back in a bar fight.  I know because on more than a few occasions he had mine.  A good friend to have at the time but a man of, being charitable, modest intelligence. 

Even at a young age his body showed signs of a rough life.  Several teeth had been knocked out over the years and his nose had been broken.  He had three gunshot and two knife wounds on his torso.  Several more knife scars on his arms and one across his left cheek.

His life was spent taking down trees, drinking and fighting.  He had a wife in Alabama and a girlfriend up in Chicagow where we met and worked together.  He was a man of appetites but no imagination.  This is one of the reasons I’ve come to (maybe) believe his story.

I have no idea how he found me again after all these years and he won’t say.  But he did ask that I publish his story on my blog and, having heard a little bit of it I agreed.  This may be a mistake.  It has certainly turned into more of a task than I bargained for. 

His writing is crude and riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.  I have tried my best to be a good editor and to reformat it in to more readable prose.  This is a task for which I have no training or experience so please don’t hold my shortcomings against him.

Since this is proving to require extensive rewriting of what he provides, as I finish each entry he reviews it before publication here to make sure I’ve still got the facts correct.  It may, at times, come to read as my “voice” but it is entirely his tale.

Each time he sends me new material I will edit and post it below.  Or maybe on a newly created blog.  Or maybe not at all.  I’m not entirely sure I’m up for this.  Or that I want to be associated with what is, let’s face it, a wacky story.  But I’m intrigued mostly because I just can’t envision this guy, with his modest intelligence and minimal education, being able to make this stuff up.  We’ll see.


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