The challenge of continuing this story

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Every now and again I get a comment here expressing interest in the continuation of this story. Some think that a concern over it damaging my credibility for my financial writings blocks the way.

While it is true that some who wish to discredit my financial ideas have used this blog as a club, that doesn’t concern me much. My financial ideas are perfectly capable of standing on their own merits.

Actually the two main reasons I haven’t continued are:

  1. Time. I’ve just had too many other things to do. But this may lighten up next year.
  2. There really hasn’t been all that much interest expressed.

I do realize I’ve done little to promote this site or raise awareness of this site. But it does get a steady, if small, flow of views. Yet very few subscribe and even fewer bother to post comments. So it seems there really isn’t much of an audience.

But the bigger issue is trying to wrap my head around how to present what at a very basic level is beyond our ability to understand. That is, I need to figure out how to cope with the technology and trying to answer people’s questions and challenges surrounding it.

I’ve had it explained to me this way:

The gap between human intelligence and that of chimpanzees is very narrow. And yet the chimp’s ability to understand our world is impossibly small.

For instance, you can take a chimp to a skyscraper and he will recognize it as a very large object and he’ll be able to move about it easily. He’d be able to show his chimp friends around and, after a while, they would confidently believe they understood this whole skyscraper thing.

But the truth would be far different. Skyscrapers exist on important levels simply beyond the comprehension of chimpanzees.

Our chimp has no way of understanding that skyscrapers are built by humans, let alone how that is done and/or how the  various building systems operate. The basic fundamentals of a skyscraper are simply forever beyond his intellectual abilities. And one chimp trying to explain it to another would be laughable.

Now imagine an intelligence and technological gap much, much greater.

We humans tend to assume that if we encounter advanced civilizations, and if they are willing to explain stuff to us, we’ll have the capacity to understand.

But I’ve come to see that’s not the case. So in any telling of this story the information I could convey will be hopelessly inadequate.

But maybe, just maybe, like a chimp in a skyscraper I can serve as a tour guide of sorts. But don’t expect me to be able to explain how the elevators work. Or even to know such an explanation exists.

I can’t promise anything at this point. But if you are interested in the continuation of this, please subscribe. That way I’ll know there is an audience and you’ll know if I start posting.


  1. Heather says:

    I eagerly await more episodes to this story. My inner chimpanzee accepts the limitations and will be happy to hold the monkey wrench while examining the elevator mechanisms.

  2. egrueter says:


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  3. I was just thinking of this site the other day and was planning to stop by and see if there were any updates I missed. Which I shouldn’t since I am subscribed. Before I got the chance to pop in, I got your email. Stoked you are planning to continue the story no matter the pace.

  4. Joe says:

    Jim —

    Welcome back, and I’m very pleased to see a new entry on the UC site. I’m a member of the (growing?) chorus of people seeking more of this story — whether it’s fact or fiction! I’ve been visiting and re-reading your posts from time to time, and I must admit there is such a rich universe of questions this raises. Just off the top of my head:

    1. Why do the Overseers care about what happens in far-away galaxies? What’s their skin in the game?
    2. What would invading civilizations be invading for? What’s the motivation to conquer?
    3. I find it so tantalizing that the Overseers transcended to another plane of reality around the same time Earth’s atmosphere was forming. Did they seed Earth with the necessary bacteria to create organic life and then get out of the way? (i.e., are we a product of Intelligent Design?)
    4. Does UC believe that there is any reflection of his experience in historical accounts of gods of antiquity or the (maybe a little quirky) ancient astronaut theory? Does he have any opinion on that stuff?
    5. What would the Overseers think of this conversation UC has started? They appear to be hugely benevolent, and if this conversation speeds up our ability to be “intelligent” by their standards, I’d think they’d be all for it.
    6. Were there any laws and rules that had to be followed on the ship, or was the experience so smooth and pre-prepared that rules and laws had no applicability and the humans were allowed to just be?
    7. Are there any qualities at all shared among intelligent life in the universe, even where one species is vastly more intelligent? Is appreciation for things like humor, music, visual aesthetic, and beauty universal, or are they unique to humans? (For example, birds and humans are attracted to certain beauty aesthetics, even if that attraction is not consistent across species 🙂 …). I wonder if we could identify any universal truths with UC’s help …

    I’ll stop, but I could keep going … I sincerely hope you’ll keep going, too!


  5. jDUb says:

    Very interested in the story, was hoping with this post there would be more information. Am subscribed and excited to see Uranium C pop up in email. Now I just wait for the next installment.

  6. Dwanne says:

    I would love to hear more about this story. I find it truly fascinating allowing me to stretch my imagination. star trek does the same thing

  7. SA says:

    Thanks for another post and I am a subscriber now. The way I look at it, you are in a win win situation by continuing this blog. If its a real story then you get to be the messenger and if its fiction then you are one of the best fiction writer out there. A great plot with an interesting twist and a hook all done in few blog posts.

    Never underestimate the power of compounding when it comes to the word of mouth. A few motivated subscribers can do wonders.

    You run a popular financial blog so just wait for the next bear market. I am sure there will be lot of people interested in learning about higher power then.

    • jlcollinsnh says:

      My thanks to you, SA…

      It was your comment on the last post – – that prompted this one.

      A few points:

      1. Thinking I could make this stuff up gives me great credit.

      2. Word of mouth is exactly how has grown. I just started writing what I wanted my daughter to know about money and investing, and shared it with a few friends. It now has an international audience and ~150,000 pages views a month. I’m still a little stunned.

      3. Come the next bear market I just hope readers remember that I told them to expect such things. 😉

      Great to hear you’ve subscribed.

  8. Jules says:

    I subscribed in the past and am eagerly awaiting some more of the story. Thanks!

  9. Stephen Galliver says:

    The raison d’être of RSS is to let an audience follow a blog without having to periodically and manually check the site. There is also less “psychological overhead” (for me, anyway) to leave a blog post unread in my reader until I’m ready to get to it, rather than in my inbox.

    But! If you need email subscribers to let you know how many people are interested in this story, I’ll happily sign up.

    • jlcollinsnh says:

      Good point, Stephen…

      For now this is a very rudimentary site while I figure out what, if anything, to do with it. If the time comes when I start to focus on it and post more than once or twice a year, I’ll upgrade. Was thinking about this last night actually.

      Having email subscribers does give me a feel for the interest out there, but don’t sign up for that.

      Sign up if you want notice if I post something new. I can promise those notices won’t be flooding your inbox. 🙂

  10. Ward says:

    Super interesting reading. I don’t think we are alone in the universe and your stories make me believe that even more. Please share more of your experiences and knowledge. Thank you!

  11. Prob8 says:

    Whether it’s fact or fiction is irrelevant to me. The story is interesting and thought provoking. It’s also just plain fun to read. I’ll be ready to read if and when you are ready to write.

  12. G says:


    Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of interest. Truly this is tantalizing preview.

    My thoughts: If we are further in intelligence from them than chimps are from us, then not only is telling the story “accurately” impossible, but any questions we might raise are equally irrelevant. I think that retelling UC’s words with as few assumptions as possible is the most honest, and to me most interesting course. A story like this with a few, or many, [black] holes (couldn’t resist) is a feast for the imagination – it seems all commenters can agree on this. And as you say, we aren’t really meant to know. We’re just taking a swig of Dad’s whiskey while he’s out of the house.

    Of course, putting it together in story format is difficult and time consuming. Though I’m sure a voluntary assistant might easily be found…


  13. SA says:

    Mr. Collins,
    Happy new year. I hope you find sometime to write an article or two for this site. This is a great story and I am sure more people will sign up once this site gets updated more often.

  14. Justin says:

    Any updates to the story? Would love to hear them.

    • jlcollinsnh says:

      Thanks for your interest, Justin.

      I do think about it every now and again. But in addition to the concerns above, it would take a lot of effort and the interest appears small.

      But it is something I’d like to do.

  15. Jay says:

    But you have some committed readers here. I check it almost every week hoping you’ll write an update.Come on give us something to think about?

  16. NHbootoo says:

    I’ve read simple path to wealth and we are on our way to freedom (we hope)! So, first things first, thanks for that! As you stated here, this is a big leap from that! I can relate to your uncomfortability on the subject matter for sure. I get why you’re uncomfortable, but I also get why you’re intrigued. As I write this I’m wondering if you’re seeing how far you can get with poking fun at this whole thing and the people interested, but I read your book and I don’t think your that guy.

    Couple of things that popped into my mind as I read all this. On a REGULAR basis I think of how rudimentary we are as a species. We’re literally playing out a horrible script in one of those apocalyptic mini series on Netflix. We’ve basically destroyed our best source of protein by poisoning the air and no ones doing anything about it. Big food, big pharma, big business, big insurance; out rapacious creditors. We completely destroy each other through greed. (I could go on, you catch my drift). Our “leaders” can’t see far enough into the future to stop any of it. They can’t or don’t care. We’re chimps, as you say…sad-ass chimps.

    If we could cut the shit, and invest half of what we spend fighting one another on space exploration and planet clean up…wow! So this idea of a benevolent species guarding us sounds pretty on point to me. I think benevolence and a higher morality for the greater good is the only way we’d get close to where our guardians were technologically and evolutionarily speaking.

    Second thing that came to mind is how nervous you are about sharing so that you don’t ruin your reputation. I watched a documentary recently that claims the “powers that be” (earth ones) have known about the existence of ET for decades and don’t want the masses to know. One of the tools they use to keep people from digging in too much propaganda. By feeding the public propaganda about how insane it is to believe in aliens, specifically. Check out the Inquirer at the supermarket – that’s the example. So…I get you on that. I feel crazy responding to you, but I’m intrigued as hell. I think it’s crazy to believe we’re alone here.

    I love this story and I want to hear more. I applaud you for writing it! People are asleep, and the fact that more people don’t subscribe to the principles in your book is proof of that. I think you’re very awake; awake to the point that you’re a minority. So, since I dig your stuff on financial freedom and I’m crazy enough to give up all the “stuff” most others in this planet think is important, I’d say I’m not surprised I’m like minded on all this too. Again, with the caveat that maybe this story isn’t real (I’m not crazy either ;), but I think the gist certainly could be…

    Please keep writing. People need to think like this. You’re doing incredible service to humanity with your ideas on real freedom and your courage for putting this out here. I truly believe that.

    So thank you if this isn’t a joke. If it is, thanks too, this is a great read. Oh – and thanks again to you and MMM for changing the way we think and live. My husband and I are so much better for it!

    Dying to learn what came of your trip visiting UraniumC!

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