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Posted: June 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

The last time I posted on this blog was December 2011, over 2.5 years ago. But I haven’t forgotten it.

It doesn’t have much readership, but those who are here seem to be keenly interested. Periodically I get emails and comments here (I prefer and am more likely to see the comments left here. Sent as email they tend to get lost in the deluge) asking if and when I’ll resume the tale. Elsewhere on the the blog I’ve explained my reservations. There is not much posted here so, if you care, I’ll leave it to you to find them.

In short, I simply haven’t the time. But it is also function of concern as to whether I want to be attached to this tale that will mostly generate disbelief, anger and mockery. Already, it seems many think it is a story best left untold….


But like some of you, I remain intrigued. Once my schedule opens up a bit I just might take it up again.

Meanwhile, I have shared it with some of my personal friends. Malachi is one of those and, after many years, I ran into him again during my recent visit to New Mexico. An interesting bit of serendipity in that he lives in Berlin these days. In part not just because we got to catch up and I got to meet his lovely Italian fiancé and now wife Iris, but because he told me that this story has been a topic of conversation among his circle of friends in Germany. And they had questions.

We agreed he would pull those questions together in an email and that I would do my best to provide answers. Below is my reply, with their questions embedded:
Hi Malachi,
I’m thrilled that this story has captured your interest enough that you’d share it. That’s a big reason I put it up on a blog — to gage interest and if it is worth my time and the risk to more fully present it.
At this point it will require a lot of work:
  • Sorting thru the notes
  • Putting it all in some coherent order
  • Resolving the many inconsistencies in the way the story has come to me. It is one thing to receive it as a listener. It is something else entirely to understand it well enough to relate to others.
The main issue for me at the moment is I simply have too much else on my plate just now to give this the effort and time it deserves. Maybe once I get the financial book done. Meanwhile, please feel free to spread it around to your friends. The more sincere interest there is, the more interested I am in continuing.
Meanwhile, let me try to briefly answer your group’s questions:
  • Why did UC impart the information he did first, rather than starting in a story-like way (i.e., one day I was in a field, then I beamed into a ship, and I realized that something strange was going on…)? It’s an odd way to tell the tale. Maybe he’s just not used to telling it?

This is mostly my fault in my clumsy start. Remember too, this is stuff I heard in conversation. It was not laid out in a carefully scripted fashion. That, should I choose to accept it, will be my job. And it is a daunting task.

  • What was everyday life aboard the ship? What exactly was he supposed to do?

The answer to this would take a (the?) book! It really is the story to be told.

  • If he knew that most people wouldn’t believe him, why did he want you to publish it at all? More importantly, why does he want to tell this story? Just to get it off his chest? Then why publish?

I don’t think he much cares. I think it was more a teasing taunt to me:  Here’s this story. Do with as you see fit.

  • How does UC feel about the experience? Is he resentful to be locked up for 500+ years? Is he honored to have been chosen? What’s his opinion on all this? As it stands it’s strangely devoid of a human connection.

Certainly not resentful. It was a great experience and provided a perspective unlike any other. Certainly far broader. And for reasons to be explained, provided him with literally perfect health.

  • Why, if these Overseers spent millions of years building incredibly sophisticated ships with billions of years of advanced technology, do they recruit folks at random to use it? Why not use someone more qualified? Why use someone at all, if there are only 3 pretty similar options for repelling attacks? Why not just automate the whole thing and be done with it?

We will likely never know the full depth of their thoughts and reasons. But UC was told they felt it important that at least each self-aware species from the protected planets provide some input and participation in their own protection.

  • What did he eat?!?!? (Iris’ very pressing Italian concern)

Great question and the answer is broader than you might think. Food, and everything else on board, is assembled as needed from the supply of available atoms. These atoms are then recovered and reused as needed. For instance, within the ship you can configure the interior as your mood dictates: Sleekly modern one day, Victorian English library the next. Coming up with a fine Italian meal, wine included, (or any other meal) is no problem. Indeed, life on board sounds very sweet to me!

  • Do you, Jim, personally think that this could be some form of mental illness? Not to be harsh, of course, but it struck us that if one of your big struggles is deciding whether or not it’s true, have you also addressed this possibility?

Could be, but I don’t think so. This is certainly not an issue in my deciding.

Hope this helps!


  1. MKV says:

    I do not care if any or all of this is true. We’ll never know. It’s just incredibly thrilling and fascinating to read. Please continue, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Adrian says:

    Very cool! Regardless of it being true or not this stuff is always interesting to read. Excited to read more, of course!

  3. Wendy says:

    I think this story is very worth telling and reading, let it be true or not. If not true, I find it very interesting how this -as you put it- not very intelligent person can come up with such an elaborate story. (I was wondering the same thing about the mental illness, but since you already answered that question…) And if it is true, I think our planet is in for some very interesting future events. I also have another question for your friend (?) UC. The Overseeers choose one individual to help make the decisions regarding the safety/protection of the planet. Do they always choose a human or do they use other living beings as well? And if so, do they limit themselves to animals or do they also include plants? I really hope you continue the story, I find it very captivating… And I personally don’t think that telling this person’s story affects in any way your credibility as a personal finance blogger.

    • jlcollinsnh says:

      Hi Wendy…

      Thanks for your interest and support. Good to hear you find this interesting. I do hope to take it up once again someday.

      I’m not sure if it affects my credibility on the financial side, but I’m also not much concerned. Those ideas must stand on their own merit.

  4. SA says:

    I have been reading your financial website for months. I just noticed this blog and I am very intrigued. You should not stop writing just because others find the idea incredible and beyond belief. I think its very conceited and foolish of us to believe that we are the only life in the universe and the odds of finding another intelligent life are remote. I hope you share your last meeting with UraniumC in Chile. Not fair to build up all this suspense and then stop writing about it :).
    Thanks for writing such a great blog.

    • jlcollinsnh says:

      Thanks SA…

      I appreciate your interest and support.

      Actually the two main reasons I haven’t continued with this are:

      1. Time. I’ve just had too many other things to do. But this may lighten up next year.
      2. There really hasn’t been all that much interest expressed. I do realize I’ve done little to promote this site or raise awareness of it. But it does get a steady flow of views. Yet very few subscribe and even fewer bother to post encouraging comments like yours.

      If I do continue with it, I also need to figure out how to cope with the technology and trying to answer people’s questions and challenges.

      I’ve had it explained to me this way:

      The gap between human intelligence and that of a chimp is very narrow. And yet the chimp’s ability to understand our world is impossibly small.

      For instance, you can take a chimp to a skyscraper and he will recognize it as a very large object and he’ll be able to move about it easily. But he has no way of understanding that it was built by humans, let alone how that was done and/or how it’s various systems operate. The basic fundamentals of a skyscraper are simply forever beyond his ability to comprehend. And one chimp trying to explain it to another would be laughable.

      Now imagine a gap much, much greater.

      We humans tend to assume that if we encounter advanced civilizations, and if they are willing to explain stuff to us, we’ll have the capacity to understand.

      But I’ve come to see that’s not the case. So in any telling of this story the information I could convey will be hopelessly inadequate.

      Make sense?

      Maybe I should make this message a post…

  5. Randy Dzaman says:

    The tower of Babylon was not constructed due to chimps discovering differences, not merely language but true skin color, and personality, and individual goals and greed. Individual wants, needs and wishes were inculcated to all of humankind preventing a world project from completion. Are these man kinds ” GOD ” and will the next grand human vision, contemplated and constructed by the majority of peoples on earth be interrupted by this entit,y if the harm is greater potential than a ‘good’ ? What a fascinating exploration of idea this will be, an awakening of inteligent tool users with infantile maturity quotient. Keep me in the quantum loop and post as time allows. Write a book. Talking/video into a watch was science fiction in the 1930’s. Maybe information will evolve our acceptance and future reality if entered into the ‘ETHOS’ today. I’m eternally subscribed

  6. Tommy Tenney says:

    Love it. Keep doing it even if you have to wait to retire from retiring and all your fan-tastic financial blogging.

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