Entry #3: About the Overseers

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Entry #3

June 26, 2011

About the Overseers

By UraniumC as told to JC

 (JC note: in posing the questions covered in the last post I had some of my own.  I am keenly interested in knowing more about the aliens and about the ship and its technology.  UC and I have been discussing these topics and below is what I’ve gleaned about the aliens themselves.  He calls them The Overseers.  In future posts I’ll share the info learned on the ship itself.  Again, this is my taking his written comments and editing them for clarity.)

JC:  Can you describe what these aliens look like?

UC:  No.  Please understand that by the time I was swept up to the ship their race had been extinct, at least on our material plane of existence for almost 1/2 a billion years.  They left no record of their appearance.

JC:  What about the interior configuration of the ship?  Shape of seats, controls and the like.  Surely these offered clues?

UC:  No.  The interior of the ship has no set configuration.  It is configured to the needs and whims of the occupant.  During my tenure I would commonly change it myself every few hours.  (JC Note:  this set off lengthy questions regarding the technology of the ship.  I’m pulling this together and will provide it in a future post.)

JC:  Did you learn anything at all about them?

UC:  (Note:  The following is UC’s answer to this and several related questions I asked.)

What they called themselves is wholly untranslatable to any over our languages.  I settled on thinking of them as the Overseers as that is the role they played across the Milky Way. 

They were the first species to achieve intelligence in our galaxy.  They defined this as the moment they achieved interstellar space flight.  As such, of course, humans are not yet considered an intelligent species amongst the galactic civilizations.

Using our time scale, they achieved this 1,685,743,112 years ago.  They spread to every corner of the galaxy by 1,683,569,954 years ago.  That’s almost 2.2 million years.  It is a very big place.

By that point they had identified every life bearing planet and the stage of life on each.  For those with multi-celled life they set up permanent observation posts. 

It wasn’t until 503,058,147 years ago that the next intelligent race in the Milky Way emerged.  Think about that for a moment.  The Overseers were the only intelligent race in the galaxy for almost 1.2 billion years.  They were observing every world with multi-celled life for over 1.18 billion years before the first interstellar flight by another race.  The gap is almost unimaginable.

It was also around this time that the first intergalactic invasion fleet arrived.  The technology gap was so great that the Overseers easily repelled them as they would each subsequent attack.  During my time as the human representative aboard Earth’s Guardian Ship I came to see this gap as that between a modern army and unarmed villagers.  Only far greater.

There are well over 1.1 trillion galaxies in the universe. (JC Note:  this is significantly higher than the current human estimates)  As these began to develop races with intergalactic travel abilities, the number of invaders increased as well.  This was no problem so long as the Overseers remained in this material realm.

However, with their decision to morph beyond it, protecting the Milky Way and its life became an issue to resolve.  No other race in our galaxy was even close to be able to repel the increasingly sophisticated invaders.  The Overseers were unwilling to bestow upon any other race the full extent of their technology.  It was simply far too advanced (over a billion years worth) to be transferable or even useable.  It would be like giving chipmunks fighter jets.  The only thing worse than them simply crashing them all would be if they somehow managed to fly them.

The solution was the fleet of self-renewing Guardian Ships.  One assigned to each world with multi-cellular life and each bearing a single representative from the world it protected.  There are exactly 1,115,589 such planets and so an equal number a ships.  A vast undertaking.  Once this fleet was constructed the Overseers gave it a test run of 3.6 million years.

Once satisfied as to its effectiveness and reliability, 497,125,365 years ago the Overseers morphed to another plane of existence leaving behind the material universe we know.  They remain the only species to have done so thus far.  If you are curious (JC: I was) there are 41,277 intelligent (interstellar capable) species in the Milky Way.  Humans aren’t in this group yet.  Looks like it will be awhile.

Four interesting facts that came from these conversations:

1)     Life is extremely common in the universe.  But it is almost all single celled creatures.  The jump to multi-celled life is surprisingly (at least to me) rare. 

2)    The universe is precisely, again using our understanding of time, 14,259,158,996 years old.

3)    The ‘Big Bang’ is indeed the origin of the universe, but our human understanding of the event is woefully misguided.

4)    The Overseers developed the technology to see beyond the Big Bang into what was before.  This information, however, is forbidden.  The thinking is only when a race has advanced enough to discover it on their own can they deal with the implications.

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  1. asylum43 says:

    Hi Jim,

    Anymore updates on UC? Seems a shame to start its own blog and not share!

    – Raffy

    • jlcollinsnh says:

      Hi Raffy…

      Thanks for checking in. It is good to know there is some interest.

      For what it is worth, I do think about this a fair amount. So far, I simply haven’t the time and, as I described already, I have some reservations about sharing more.

      Already people question my sanity and this protection has been in place for a very long time without people needing to know. Who am I to change that?

      • asylum43 says:

        Fair enough, but the counter argument is that your friend felt it necessary to share with someone who is known to have a large audience.

        Besides, if true, it could potentially be world changing. Imagine if the knowledge that the world was round wasn’t shared…

      • jlcollinsnh says:

        Not really. As I think I’ve said elsewhere, he doesn’t much care. I think mostly he would find it amusing if I took it on as he knows few will believe it and many will mock me for it.

        And because it won’t be believed and he and the Overseers have no interest or need to provide proof, it will never be world changing.

        Humans were able to prove mathematically that the earth is round, but this isn’t like that.

        But that’s just my thinking on it. I could be wrong.

        Anyway, your comments have inspired me to finally share a private email as a new post.


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