Entry #2: Questions

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Entry #2

June 22, 2011


By UraniumC as told to JC

 (JC note: as part of the process of preparing Entry #1 some questions were raised.  Here they are with UC’s answers.  I’m still not sure how far I’m willing  to take this, but I’m interested in hearing more myself.  Plus, I owe him.)

 Question:  So are these battles with the invading aliens the strange lights people report seeing in the skies?

 UraniumC: Those “battles” take place far from earth in the void between galaxies, The GS (guardian ships) intercept invaders long before they get close. So the ships have never been seen from earth.

Even if they had, those of us on the surface would only have seen the invasion fleets. Every GS is permanently ‘cloaked’ and completely undetectable.

As another point of interest, they are also unarmed. At least in the conventional sense. However they have “transporters’ for lack of a better term. Their word for this has no equivalent in any of our languages.

Oh, and those ‘UFOs?’ Hoaxes almost every one. Earth is routinely visited by the friendly beings from around our own Milky Way. But this is only permitted to those able to develop the technology to insure their observations go undetected. Mistakes in this are exceedingly rare.

Question:  If they are unarmed how do they stop the invaders?  How are these battles fought?  Do the GS always win?

 UraniumC: Yes, always.  The technology this original race built into the GS fleet is several orders of magnitude beyond anything else yet seen. That’s why I put ‘battles’ in quotes. This is nothing like the science fiction of books and movies. Nothing that dramatic.

Most often, the invaders were completely unaware of the GS at all.

In each case, there were basically three options:

1. The invading force could simply be destroyed. Most often this was accomplished by simply transporting the hulls of their ships a fraction of a millimeter out from the frames. The void of space did the rest.
2. The ships could be stranded in the void between the galaxies. Unharmed but unable to move at faster than sub light speeds. All this took was isolating a small but critical and irreplaceable part of their drive systems and transporting it out. Most frequently this was so subtlety done as to prevent them from ever even diagnosing the problem.
3. The last option is much the same as #2 but in this case leaving them enough propulsive power to return to their home worlds. This is the most common choice.

The role of the guest representative is to decide which of these options to use. For me, it was the hardest of all duties.

Question:  Since these beings are so much more advanced than we are, why don’t they help us with all our problems here on Earth?  How could they care enough to protect us from invaders and yet not care enough to help here?  Global peace, for instance. 

UraniumC:  Helping us out here on our own planet is strictly forbidden. Each world is protected from the hostile outside universe but has the obligation and privilege to guide its own destiny.

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